Your Veer’s set for a Day Wedding? Here’s how you raise the bar!

Do you know who’s second-most important to a bride at a wedding? The sister of the groom, of course!

Our Veer’s wedding is the closest to our hearts – all of us eagerly wait for this time with a ready list of Punjabi songs to dance on, practicing for days for the anticipated dance performance, but nothing (absolutely no-thing!) is more exciting than planning out our looks for the various functions.
Shopping for our veer's wedding can be as stressful as it is fun. It starts from multiple trips to the market to find the perfect outfit, seemingly endless scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest for the best make-up & hairstyle inspiration and attempts to find the perfect jewellery in town to put the whole look together! And if the wedding happens to be a day-time event, chances are the whole preparation got a whole lot chaotic!

Is it okay to wear typical colours that you pick for night? Is the jewellery going to look too OTT or too underwhelming? But once you get out of the initial reluctance, day weddings can be a whole lot of fun with playful colours, easy going vibe and the opportunity to experiment. 
Keeping that in mind, here is a list of accessorizing themes to give you ideas to shine ‘bright like a diamond’ at your veer’s wedding:


1.     Add a Pop of Colour with Enamel

Enamel jewellery is a great way to elevate any outfit and make it look vibrant without putting a lot of effort. Whether you wish to wear a lehenga choli or don an uber stylish pants-crop top combo, opting for handcrafted enamel jhumkas will instantly make you ‘Shaadi-ready' without making the ensemble look too heavy.
In fact, no matter the function, enamel jewellery brings out a pop of colour and adds a lot of dimension to any outfit.


2.     Lots & Lots of Florals

For the Mehendi function, consider hues of glowing pinks and sunny yellows and a lot of intricate blooms – that’s all you need to turn heads in the most novel way! Remember, flowers are bound to look pretty and refreshing– always! The more we see it on you, the happier we feel. If you’re feeling rather experimental, a ring bracelet to compliment your cheery outfit is a great pick!


























3.     Statement Piece

A beautiful choker as the centre-of-attention to your look is just as elaborate it can get!
For a quick change of pace, we’d recommend opting for a piece that doesn’t match your outfit so to add a punch of contrast. If you’re feeling wild and want to go OTT (Oh-so-Totally-Terrific), add a statement ring to the equation and get things rolling!














4. Channel Traditional Modern Vibes

Well, you are the sister of the groom, all eyes have to be on you (second after the bride, of course)! How do you make it happen? Simply by adding something traditional yet modish (we know how much you love being on-trend).
Either opt for a set of quirky bangles or add a stunner maangtikka, add some zest to resonate with the colourful vibes of a happy day-wedding. 

Day time wedding functions are a huge trend and now with these li’l tips and tricks, you can easily sail through a daytime look. We say, go sizzle girl!