Solah Shringar - 8 Must Have Indian Traditional Accessories

Whether you are a millennial bride who prefer keeping things subtle and sober or a traditional dulhania, you must have heard about solah shringhar. This ritual has a very sentimental value for an Indian bride-to-be and includes 16 beautiful adornments that help her transcend into the bliss of being married.

Solah Shringhar features traditional Bridal Jewellery, like maang tikka, nath, bindi, kajal, and a lot more, which celebrate a bride’s appearance on her D-Day.

However, this ritual has lost its mythological association these days and is seen more as a makeover that help the brides look resplendent. Hence, it is not really necessary to adorn the entire 16 accessories, as a more customized approach.

So, without any further delay, let’s unveil the list of the 8 must-have Indian traditional adornments of the Solah Shringhar that a bride must own.

Maang tikka

A head accessory to amp up the entire look, Maang tikka still holds great significance in every bride’s bauble box. It is usually designed with gold and other precious gems and is generally worn in the central hair parting.

This bridal accessory enhances the charm of the bride while highlighting her facial features. Remember that Maang tikka is not just a piece to accessorize, but has age-old significance. Worn on the bride’s ajna chakra, it has deep values and importance.

Being a modern bride, you can choose a dainty and elegant piece to add charm to your wedding looks.


Just like the Mangalsutra pendant, the nose ring is also a symbol of marital life. This accessory adds traditional ethnic Indian touch to the bride’s look. Nath is a crucial part of the jewel box and is available in various forms, be it an oversized hoop decorated with strings of pearls or an embellished, dainty nose ring in a relatively smaller size. Pick any of the options you like and step up your jewellery game on the go.

Raani Haar

Yet another solah Shringhar adornment that must be added to the Wedding Jewellery list is none other than a Raani Haar. The necklace is a symbol of prosperity and hence, must be adorned by the bride on her D-Day. 

Multi-layered, decked-up necklaces are very much on trend this season, and being the voguish bride, you’ve got to abide by the trend that is ruling the fashion world. From uncut diamond collars to elaborate princess necklaces, there’re endless varieties to choose from. 

While picking the necklace, always take care of your neckline and choose the option that compliments your ensemble rather than stealing all the attention.

Karn Phool or Earrings

Counted amongst the most ignored Wedding Jewellery, Earrings are an important element of a Bride’s makeover. Karn phool, or earrings is usually worn to complement the necklace or Raani Haar.

The rule of thumb is - to wear heavy earrings if you have chosen the simple necklace and go for the dainty pieces if your neckpiece is more embellished to strike a perfect balance.

Jhumka earrings are the most basic and go-to earrings for a bridal lehenga. It is sure to uplift your looks in a blink. Karn Phool is an indispensable beauty ornament for a woman and is generally crafted with Kundan and other precious gemstones in unique gold or silver setting.

Baju Band

The name says it all!! Baju band is one of the Indian Bridal Jewellery that wraps around the upper arm. Brides can wear this jewel piece either on both sides or only on one, based on their choice and preference.

Since this arm accessory is not as common as other ornaments, it instantly grabs the spotlight and makes the bride looks like an absolute stunner. If you really want to draw attention, go for the royal option and add a classic touch to your wedding look.

Baju Band looks absolutely exquisite. This traditional jewellery beautifies the bride instantly while complementing the overall ensemble.


Whether you opt for the simple, colorful bangles, or for a Punjabi Choora, Bangles hold a great significance in the solah shringhar ritual. According to the traditional beliefs, brides must don both gold and glass bangles to signify the long life and prosperity of their groom.

However, the time has long gone when brides used to wear red or maroon choora only as these days the hot trend is to match your bridal choora with your lehenga to harmonize your look.

Whether you are wearing a pastel-hued lehenga or draping gorgeous silk or kanjeevaram saree, gold bangles are good to go with any kind of bridal attire.


With wedding season around the corner, it’s high time to add some stunning hand Bridal Jewellery to your trousseau. Haathphool spells magnificence, making it a staple for every bride’s bauble box. This accessory elevates your wedding look while keeping the traditional values intact. The contemporary designs of haathphool add a fresh vibe to your look.

You can either go for Kundan-embellished pieces or stick to the Polki for royal essence. Keep your layering game strong by adding bridal kadas as well. Remember that you don’t have to go extra to add the majestic vibe to your attire as dainty pieces can even do the magic.

Keshapasharachana or Hair Accessory

Brides usually pull their locks back to make a bun on their D-Day, which is then embellished with flowers or other traditional adornments. However, choosing a perfect hair accessory is a bit tricky task.

Always add an accessory that doesn’t contrast with your look. It simply means that if you are opting for traditional look from head to toe, never opt for modern hair embellishments; otherwise, it will make you look a big fashion disaster on your D-Day.

The hair accessory is an integral part of a bridal makeover.

Earlier, flowers like Jasmine and Bel were used to decorate the bride’s tresses but now imitation jewellery took over those flowers and are currently ruling the market.

Add the Glamour Of Solah Shringhar To Your Bridal Look!!

The celebration of beautifying the bride-to-be is an imperative part of Indian weddings. This ritual is one to amplify the women’s beauty in a divine aura. So, whether you are a modern bride or a tradtional one, do not forget to add the above-mentioned Wedding Jewellery to your trousseau and transform yourself from the bride to a queen.