What is the power of Mangalsutra?

Jewellery is something that every woman adores, whether she is a fan of minimalism or loves embracing an over-the-top look. While most ornaments are usually adorned to complement the ensemble or make the style statement, there’s one jewellery piece that not just adds a character to your personality but holds traditional significance in every married woman’s life.  

modern mangalsutra design

Yes, you’ve guessed it right - it is mangalsutra. The purest symbol of love and commitment, the mangalsutra is an integral part of every Indian bride’s trousseau. It is regarded as an auspicious amulet that symoolizes marriage and holds great importance in the Hindu culture. 

This ornament is placed by the groom around the bride’s neck at the time of the marriage ceremony and is counted amongst the five things a woman has to wear to reflect her marital status. 

Since the modern-age bride is style-conscious, there’re plenty of Modern Mangalsutra Design options available on the market to choose from. Pick whatever suits your personality and embrace the traditions while keeping up with the fashion trends. 

Curious to know more about this auspicious jewel piece? Continue scrolling the page and learn about interesting facts about Mangalsutra. 

Significance of Mangalsutra in Indian Marriage

power of mangalsutra

Mangalsutra holds great significance in the Hindu marriage ceremony, making it a staple of all married women’s closets. It is believed that Mangalsutra protects the bride from the evil eye and anyone who sees her is automatically granted good luck. 

The word “Mangalsutra” is derived from two Sanskrit terms “Mangal”  and “Sutram”. While “Mangal” means blessed, happy, successful, and prosperous, “Sutram” means cord. 

Ideally, this ornament is made of 108 fine cotton threads combined together and dyed in yellow color with a gold thali is strung in the center. You will be surprised to know that the concept of Modern Mangalsutra design gold comes from this traditional notion. 

Mangal is also the name of planet Mars whose color is red, identical to what is usually worn by Indian brides. Owing to this association, it’s common to use a coral gem (manga) that is sacred to Mars. 

According to the traditional beliefs, when a woman wears the sacred thread, it makes her aware of her responsibilities and duties towards her partner. It is also believed that when a woman wears a mangalsutra, she safeguards her married life from everyone else.  

What Do Black Beads In Mangalsutra Signify?

What mangalsutra signifies

Be it a Modern Mangalsutra design or a traditional one, this ornament is made of black glass beads (Kala Pota) with a gold or diamond pendant at the center. While the pendant shape, size, and design vary, those black beads remain the same in all. 

It is said that this auspicious jewel piece is incomplete without these black beads. But have you ever thought about what do black beads in Mangalsutra signify? According to cultural beliefs, the black beads in this sacred thread symbolize Lord Shiva while the gold pendant in this ornament symbolizes Goddess Parvati. 

Traditionally, there are 9 beads in a Mangalsutra representing the 9 different forms of energies that protect the relationship between husband and wife from any evil energies. In addition to this, the black beads in this sacred thread have the power of all the elements, including Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. These four elements help build a strong bond between the man and a woman.  

Importance of Wearing Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra has always been an auspicious and integral ornament of every bride’s trousseau since its inception. Although the Modern Mangalsutra design and pattern changed over time to fit the contemporary brides’ personality, its importance never changes. 

Priyaasi modern mangalsutra design

Here’s the quick rundown of the four primary reasons for wearing a Mangalsutra. 

  1. Mangalsutra represents the purest bond between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It shows the union between the two souls while outlining the fact that the bond between husband and wife is truly inseparable. 
  2. The traditional Mangalsutra design features three knots that represent important aspects of marriage. The first knot symbolizes the wife’s obedience to her husband and the second knot represents her commitment to her partner. The third knot of this sacred thread signifies respect for God. 
  3. It is believed that a woman wearing a Mangalsutra can enhance the well-being of her husband and family. This auspicious thread protects her marriage from all evil eyes while keeping the bond with her partner strong. 
  4. The gold wire and black beads in Mangalsutra are supposed to destroy the distressing vibrations. The black beads absorb the negative energy before they can reach the bride and her family. It acts as a protective health sheath that protects her marriage from any evil. 
  5. In addition to the traditional significance, Mangalsutra offers great health benefits to the wearer as well. This thread is a combination of gold and black beads. Gold is believed to have healing properties that help improve heart health. When worn close to the heart, it attracts the cosmic waves while improving the heart's functioning. 

Is it necessary to wear Mangalsutra?

There’s no specific answer to this question as wearing a mangalsutra after marriage holds a different perspective for different women. While some wear Mangalsutra Pendant because it is mandatory in their families, others embrace this ornament with an open heart as a symbol of love and dedication towards their partners. 

Although this auspicious ornament holds great significance in the Indian ritual, to wear it or not is a matter of choice for every woman. Since there’re plenty of Modern Mangalsutra Design options are available on the market, some women prefer wearing this ornament as a day-to-day accessory to uplift their causal look. 

So, what basically matters is the Choice. Once you have made the decision, the whys and hows of it will fit themselves around it. 

Let’s Shop!!

The importance of Mangalsutra hasn’t really changed even after so many years. This ornament still holds utmost importance in a married woman’s life and is continue to be a part of the Indian culture and tradition. 

While the importance remains untouched, this ornament is now available in plenty of contemporary designs so that brides can make a fashion statement while respecting traditional beliefs. Bracelet or ring Mangalsutra design options are all the rage these days and brides are widely accepting them without thinking twice. 

So, what keeps you waiting? Add the best mangalsutra pattern and design to your jewel box and reflect cultural values while keeping your fashion statement high.