What is the most popular earrings collection?

Earring is an integral part of women’s trousseau as it not just compliments your ensemble but also adds a perfect dash of sparkle to the whole personality. This ornament highlights the outline of your head and amps up your look in no time. 

However, choosing one out of this stunning earrings collection is not a cakewalk, thanks to the presence of a mind-boggling number of options. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!!

The most Popular earrings collection for 2021

1-Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings

Let’s unfurl the list with the common and the foremost choice of every woman, Hoops. These look incredibly stunning and are simply great owing to their diverse selection. Feel free to accessorize Hoops with any attire and upgrade your style on the go.

From a variety of styles to beautiful colors, these Hoop Earrings can add instant sass to any outfit. It suits everyone and goes a long way to create a style statement. Add this beautiful piece of jewellery to your collection right away and pull them off like a pro.

Styling Tip- Team up your hoops with casual outfits and give a modern and elegant vibe to your appearance. For a cool hipster look, don’t forget to put on your favorite red lipstick. 


2- Dangle Earrings

dangle earrings

Dangle Earrings look elegant and give an edgy look to the wearer. This instantly transforms a simple and boring outfit into something classy and gorgeous. You can style them with all ensembles without thinking twice and look absolutely stunning. 

Adorn yourself with this fashion jewellery and walk down the aisle like a fashionista. 

Styling Tip- Wear the trendy pair of Dangle Earrings with jumpsuits, Plaited shirt & Jeans, or with any chic dress to look feminine and sophisticated. To finish off the look, add pointy heels or flats and jazz up the elegance. 


3- Barbell Earrings

barbell earrings

Whether you are a novice or a hardcore piercing fan, these cartilage earrings work best for all occasions. A perfect addition to your helix piercing, Barbell Earrings create an eye-catching effect and grab all the eye-balls instantly. It drizzles a bit of sparkle to your ear stack with not much fuss. 

You can either keep this Modern Jewellery simple and sleek by opting for the ball barbell and add a touch of celestial shine with some cubic zirconia inlays. Wait no more and add this type of earring to step up your fashion game. 

Styling Tip- Pair Barbell Earrings with a bold western outfit and fascinate everyone out there in no time. This ornament is meant to add glamour and thus, it looks fabulous at beach/ pool parties and clubs. 


4- Ear Cuffs

ear cuffs

Wish to look sassy but afraid of piercing? Incorporate Ear Cuffs into your jewel armoire and couple it up beautifully with your casual wear, formal or traditional attires. Crafted with sheer elegance, this classic jewellery piece oozes out pure class and makes you look like a stunner. Ear Cuffs can easily wrap your ear without piercing. 

It gives a bold look to the wearer and showcases confidence and dignity. Be it a corporate dinner or a cocktail party, these ear clips are perfect to channel the diva inside you. 

Styling Tip- Ear Cuffs are the epitome of simplicity and thus, it looks ravishing with all ensembles, be it a casual outfit or the heavy one. Couple them up with hoops, studs, or drop earrings and embrace the love for well-adorned ears. 


5- Huggie Earrings

huggie earrings

Hunting for Modern Jewellery you can sleep in? Well, in that case, Huggie Earrings might suit your desire. As the name suggests, these are the small earrings that hug your earlobes and give an edgy vibe while making you feel comfortable.

These look like hoops but come in a smaller size and sit close to the lobe. One of the hottest earring styles for a modern woman, Huggie Earrings will never go out of fashion and you can consider them as a real investment for your jewel box. It is a great addition to everyday comfort and adds glamor to your entire look. 

Styling Tip- Huggie Earrings look timeless when worn alone. You can simply style them up with all outfits without having a second thought in mind. Pull your hairs back when you are wearing this Modern Jewellery and let them cast a magical spell on the onlookers. 


6- Bajoran Earrings

Bajoran earrings

Flattering and Elegant, Bajoran Earrings are a timeless choice. It refines your style and adds a little edge to your ensemble. Keep in mind the fact that it should be worn alone for a minimalistic look. This ornate creates an effortlessly chic look and makes you ready to take on the world. 

Looking forward to acquiring the effortlessly chic look but unsure about where to start from? Compliments your outfit with Bajoran Earrings and looks dazzling in no time. Whether you want to keep things casual or amping up the glam, this traditional Jewellery adds the extra touch of polish to any attire. 

Styling Tip- Couple them up with the western ensemble and dazzle your overall personality on the go. Be it casual dinner or cocktail party, these earrings are the go-to choice for the modern woman. 


7- Chandelier Earrings

Chandeller Earrings

Chandelier Earrings are the most coveted styles and a classic pair of this fashion jewellery is a true wardrobe staple for every woman out there. These will add a dash of grace to your overall appearance and make you look sophisticated and regal. 

Such earrings are much more comfortable to wear and are less likely to tangle in the hairs. This is probably the most luxurious and versatile addition to your armoire that gives you the feminine, bold, and confident look. 

These are highly decorative and look royal when partnered with a party ensemble. Pair them up with the statement ear cuffs for adding extra glamor. 

Styling Tip- Since these are heavily embellished, they should be worn on some special occasions such as family gatherings and corporate parties. These statement earrings look regal with all attires, be it Ethnic or Western. 


8- Cluster Earrings

cluster earrings

One of the most treasured jewellery pieces, Cluster Earrings are the perfect choice for those who want to add an understated touch of charm to their outfit without creating a fuss. These fashion classics are embellished with precious gemstones and add a pop of color to your attire. 

This sparkling Modern Jewellery gives a sober and graceful look to the wearer and works well with all outfits. You can effortlessly pair them up with other traditional Jewellery pieces and accentuate your signature style. 

Styling Tip- While wearing cluster earrings, it is suggested to select an outfit in a similar tone as jewelry. This ornate can be paired up with any outfit, be it Indian, fusion, or western. 


9- Tapers 

tapers earrings

A perfect way to commence your ear stretching journey, Tapers are an idyllic choice for those who love trying out new looks. It is a straight piece either made up of steel or acrylic. There is no denying the fact that Tapers make you look like a sight for sore eyes. 

If you are not in the mood of piercing, then fret not as fake tapers have got you covered. It gives you a hardcore look without any pain or commitment. 

Styling Tip- Tapers look drop-dead gorgeous with western attire and instantly bring confidence to your personality. You can pair it up with a white off-shoulder crop top and denim jeans and make a style statement. Don’t forget to wear sneakers to complete the look. 


The Final Thought on the most Popular earrings collection.

So, there you have it!! 

Unarguably, Oxidised earrings are the ultimate way to show your inner elegance and add glaze to any monochrome or simple outfit. Don’t hesitate in trying out these cool, yet girly Modern Jewellery pieces and compliments your style on the go. What makes them worth giving a try is the fact that these earrings will never make you over the top or tasteless, which is absolutely amazing. 

Waiting for what? Refresh your fashion basics with these earrings and add an oomph factor to your appearance.