Wedding Jewellery Etiquettes Every Woman Should Know

It’s no wonder that weddings are the best occasions to put your gorgeous look forward and to pamper the diva inside you. However, there are certain etiquettes every woman should know when wearing jewellery.

Although weddings give you a chance to wear something special and look out of the ordinary, there are some ornaments you should strictly avoid to ensure that the wedding couple doesn’t get overshadowed.

New to the fashion game and are not sure how to style for the whole attire of head-to-toe wedding guests? Here’s the comprehensive guide to the 5 Wedding Jewellery etiquettes every woman should follow to show the couple her respect as a visitor.

Follow the “less is more” approach

Whether you are a fan of minimalism or not, you should follow the “less is more” approach while getting ready for attending a wedding ceremony as a guest. Keep in mind that you are just a guest and hence, you should look like one.

The event is all about the couple who is getting married and you are invited to celebrate their happiness. Therefore, you must follow the Wedding Jewellery etiquette that ensures that you owe the couple the best effort.

As a wedding guest, you should opt for small and dainty jewel pieces that are simple yet statement-making. You can go for small hoops, drop earrings, less-embellished choker or collar necklaces, pendant chains, studs, etc.

These ornaments amp up your style quotient and make you look stand out among the guests while keeping the spotlight on the couple. Wedding guests can also choose oxidized pieces to attain the boho-chic look. This way, you can look voguish and trendy without interfering with the bride’s style statement.

The bottom line is that you should not go for jewellery with intricate details and a bunch of crystals and sparkle. Keep things minimum to add a subtle appeal to your overall personality.

Say NO to the statement pieces

The second most important rule to follow when accessorizing your dress as a wedding guest is to avoid statement pieces. A marriage ceremony is all about the bride and groom taking vows to spend their life with each other; hence, the couple should be the one who grabs the most of the limelight.

For this case, jewellery that stands out must be left to be worn by the bride and not the guest. Let the bride marks a signature statement with her Bridal Jewellery set on her D-Day.

As a wedding guest, you should wear a jewel piece that reflects simple and sober vibes. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not accessorize yourself well. You can adorn elegant and classic ornaments but make sure not to overdo it to the point where you start stealing the spotlight from the bride.

As a guest, your jewel pieces should be trendy but not attention-seeking. Whatever ornaments you pick must not clash with the bride’s look.

Long gone are the days when brides used to wear gold or platinum ornaments on their wedding day. Nowadays, they love adorning diamond and Swarovski jewels to shine on their D-Day.

Since diamond and Swarovski are referred to as the most elegant and stunning pieces out there, you, as a wedding guest, should avoid wearing jewellery studded with these precious gemstones.

Moreover, these gemstones showcase glamour and attract attention; hence you should leave them for the bride so that she can look enjoy all the attention.

Go for Pearls

Finally, we’ve got you the jewellery that you can adorn as a wedding guest without thinking twice. Pearls look timelessly classic and can instantly make you look gorgeous and visually appealing. Moreover, they look elegant and add a classic touch to your ensemble.

You can style pearls in a number of ways, including a pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearly earrings, pearl rings, and a lot more. Not to mention their versatility and the fact that both bright and subtle colours play well with them. The best thing about wearing pearls is that they can easily fit all attires and occasions.

Arm yourself with a pair of statement pearl earrings or necklace and showcase yourself as the classiest wedding guest. It will definitely give you enough class and let you enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Some Additional Tips

In addition to the Wedding Jewellery etiquettes listed above, you should keep into account the following tips to look like a classy and well-dressed wedding guest in no time.

Always select the jewellery that goes well with your outfit. If your dress features intricate details, prints, and colours, then select minimal jewels to balance out the look. However, if your attire is simple and sober, add an embellished ornament to amp up your style quotient.

Neckline plays an integral role while accessorizing yourself as a wedding guest. If you are wearing an outfit with a high neckline, there is no need to opt for a necklace as it will look unnecessary and over-the-top. In that case, you should adorn bracelets and earrings to complement the look.

Don’t get too matchy-matchy at all stages. A major chunk of women prefer matching bracelets, heels, bags, and nail jewellery; however, it looks so obsolete and dull, spoiling your whole ensemble while making you look like a fashion disaster. Try adding a touch of contrast to your attire to look stand out from the crowd.

Always consider the time of the wedding ceremony before accessorizing yourself. If the wedding function is going to be held in the daytime, opt for delicate silver and pearl jewels to keep things subtle. However, you should go for dazzling and bold colours if you going to attend an evening ceremony or reception.

Over to you!!

A wedding is a formal affair where a certain level of sophistication is inferred. You should always respect the borderline as a wedding guest while not overshadowing the couple. We hope the guide to the Wedding Jewellery etiquettes will help you in picking the rightmost pieces for a ceremony.
So, next time whenever you get invited to a wedding function, try swapping statement-making pieces with event-appropriate accessories to reflect your fashion sense and personality.

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