How To Pick The Right Bridal Jewellery For Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding dress is important and so is the Bridal Jewellery to complement the look. It adds a finishing touch to your ensemble while making you look like the star of the evening. But with so many pieces available on the market, choosing wedding ornaments might be overwhelming for a bride.

Whether you are adorning a necklace, an embellished bracelet, elegant earrings, or all of the three, you want to look timelessly beautiful for your special day. So, if you are also stuck in such a dilemma and wondering about how to pick the rightmost jewels to nail your wedding day style, we have got you covered.

Keep scrolling the page and find out expert tips to select the most appropriate jewellery to accentuate your bridal look on the go.

Wedding Dress Color

The colour of your wedding dress greatly influences the jewellery decision. Brides should match the metals of their ornaments with the colour of the wedding dress. As a general rule, white gold and platinum go well with beige or right white dress, rose gold looks stunning with blush, and yellow gold complements ivory and champagne.

However, if you have meta preference and you like the piece that breaks the stereotype, add it to your cart without thinking twice. Brides can also match their Wedding Jewellery with their wedding ring to reflect matchy-matchy vibes. If you wish to embrace different metal colours, a two-tone design can be the ultimate way to tie everything together. All and all, you should choose the jewels that elevate your outfit rather than take centre stage.

Wedding Dress Detail

Not just the wedding dress colour but the dress detail also impacts the choice of the accessories. The simpler the dress details, the more creative you can be with your ornaments. You should opt for a statement necklace or earrings for a single fabric wedding dress to switch up your style quotient. However, a minimal choker is enough for a heavily-embellished bridal outfit to keep things balanced.

You don’t have to accessorize the wedding dress that features lace, beading, sequins, or fringing. Brides should always take into account the colour and style of beadwork, belts, or other accents when shopping for wedding jewels. Keep in mind that jewellery can completely transform your style from classic to contemporary; hence choose the pieces wisely.

Wedding Dress Neckline

The next thing you should consider while choosing Bridal Jewellery is the dress neckline. The shape of your neckline determines the type of accessories you can adorn with your wedding dress.

Plunging and deep V-cut necklines look stunning everything, from long layered chains to small pendants while the off-shoulder dresses look elevated with a collar necklace or chandelier earrings. You can pair studs or drop earrings with ornate necklines.

Always remember that combining too many statement pieces can overwhelm your look; hence, you should always pick one accessory to be your focal point and choose supporting pieces with similar design details for a standout wedding day look. In a nutshell, brides should follow the less is more rule while styling the bridal jewels.

Choose the Jewellery That Accents Your Dress

Before hunting for the wedding accessories, brides should decide whether they want to make the give jewels the centre stage or want them to act as an accent to their wedding dress.

Never choose the ornaments that overpower your bridal ensemble and take all the spotlight from you. Your jewellery must act as an accent to your outfit and highlight it in scale. Select the right size of ornate that amps up the bridal look. Don’t opt for the jewels that are too small and left unnoticed. If your wedding dress is more elaborate and embellished, go for sober accessories that look subtle and not invisible.

Don’t style too many pieces of jewellery even if your wedding dress is on the simpler side. Sometimes, one necklace or piece is enough to define your personality and highlight your attire.

Avoid too many colours in Wedding Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery is no less than a legacy for brides and can become an heirloom if chosen appropriately. The ornaments you are selecting should stand the test of time while blending with your bridal attire.

Never go for jewellery with too many colours as it can look tacky and makes you look like a fashion disaster on your D-Day. Wear one or two colours at best and keep things sober, elegant, and classy.

Also, you should never spoil your look by pairing more than two metals simultaneously and that includes your ring set too.

Keep your personality and comfort in mind

There is no point in investing in jewellery pieces that are not comfortable and don’t go well with your personality. A wedding ceremony continues for hours; hence, you should select the accessories that you can easily carry for a whole time without feeling any discomfort.

Never select bulky necklaces or heavy earrings that weigh you down during the functions.

Choose lighter neckpieces in different sizes so you can pair them together to create a statement without compromising your comfort.

Trust your instincts

Last but not least is to believe yourself while shopping for Wedding Jewellery. Honestly speaking, purchasing bridal accessories for an Indian wedding is not as simple as it may seem.

There will be lots of people who advise you or pressurize you to follow their suggestions. They may hold strong opinions about your dress and jewellery, and it can all seem overwhelming.

But this is your day and hence, trust your instincts while making a choice.
Nobody knows your personality and comfort except you, therefore, listen to yourself and choose the jewels that can glam up your bridal look.

Over to You!

So, that’s all about the guide to pick the rightmost Bridal Jewellery for your wedding dress. We hope that our homework will help you in making the best choice for your big day. Wedding accessories are something you have been dreaming of for so long; so take ample time to make the finest selection. Never purchase jewellery to please anyone else. This is your day so choose whatever you feel like to radiate in style your way.