Need a Makeover? Trendy Modern Jewellery By Priyaasi Can Help!!

Are you losing confidence during social gatherings or business meetings? Or not satisfied with your jewellery collection? Well, in that case, you need a makeover!! Shop for the best modern jewellery right away and walk down the aisle like a diva. 

Modern jewellery compliments every outfit and creates a unique fashion statement. It is a staple for every fashionista’s wardrobe and adds a dash of elegance to one’s appearance. This can embellish even the plainest and dullest outfit and gives you a refined look. 


The best part is that modern jewellery comes in multiple designs, and you can go for any option that matches your style and attire flawlessly. Be it adjustable rings, long-chain necklaces, or delicate cuff bracelets, these accessory styles are versatile, making them a must-have in your wardrobe.


Let’s take a deep dive into the vast collection of contemporary jewellery so that you can buy the most appropriate option to amp up your style. 

6 Modern Jewellery Designs To Add To Your Jewellery Armoire

The type of jewellery you wear reflects your sense of style and taste. Therefore, make sure you’ve adorned yourself with a contemporary design to mark your presence wherever you go. 

Here is mentioned a curated list of 6 contemporary jewellery designs to add to your fashion vocabulary. Check out the same and shop for the best modern jewellery online



Layering is no longer confined to just your clothes as stackables are the latest trend to hit the jewellery game. This can elevate your outfit in an instant and make you look stylish. 

These rings can be worn on top of each other; however, layering rings is more dainty and strenuous than styling any other accessory. One wrong move, and you’ll be done with this fashion game. 


There is no particular set of rules for wearing stackables, and you are free to style them in your way. However, if you are new to this stacking game, let me tell you the key rule - ‘less is more!’ Don’t overstack the rings, and always go for thinner styles to give you more freedom. 


Always pick the rings that suit your personality and go well with your outfit. Get the best modern jewellery stackables, choose the statement finger and start stacking the rings to jazz up your look. 


Bar Necklace

Wish to add a persona touch to any outfit? Look no further, opt for the bar necklace right away, and attenuate your signature style to glam up your look. As the name suggests, this neckpiece features a horizontal bar of metal when the pendant sits. 


It comes in the princess-length and sits just below the collar bones beautifully. You can see a couple up the silver or gold bar necklace with joggers, a white t-shirt, and sneakers and get a classy look on the go. 


Bar necklace is a simple yet elegant piece of modern jewellery that can easily commemorate a special date, important business meeting, or any casual occasion. This simply gorgeous on its own and drizzle a touch of style and class to your ensemble. 


Two-finger Rings

Trend Alert!! 


Meet the latest trend of modern jewellery that will surely drop your jaw in awe - Two-Finger Rings. They are nothing less than a double bonanza wherein two fingers embrace a sole ring. Unarguably, this latest trend is for hipsters and young starlets who have enough courage to experiment with new styles and fusion look. 


Two-finger rings have made a big splash and step up the jewellery game. These are nothing less than sheer beauty and make you red-carpet-ready in a flash. Add two-finger rings to your collection and make a style statement with this trendy piece of modern jewellery


Y-shaped/ Lariat Necklace

A perfect addition to your working outfit, Lariat Necklaces are great to be worn at work. Goes below the bust line, this boho necklace gives chicness to your professional outfits.

Pair it up with a buttoned-up fitted shirt and a pencil skirt, and you are good to go. If worn with a low-back dress, it simply adds a bold and glamorous touch and spice up your look. 

Get this piece of the best modern jewellery now and bring your old and boring outfits to life. 


Cuff Bracelets

Cuff Bracelets give you a more sophisticated look and perfectly go with less is more principle. Just wear it with any outfit, and you are all set to hit the ramp. The best part is that they are easy to style and works well with all sorts of attire, be it western or ethnic. 

Just keep basic styling tips in mind while wearing this piece of modern jewellery and carry our graceful look effortlessly. 


Mismatched Earrings

Are you ready to experiment with the existing pair of modern jewellery? If yes, then wear stud on one ear and drop earring on the other. Mismatched earrings are one of the runway’s biggest trends. This style is totally out of the box and requires lots of guts to follow. 

This is the easiest way to look pop and stylish. However, creating this playful look is not that easy as it seems to be. Make sure to wear them symmetrically without looking like you got dressed in the dark. 

Dare to combine a couple of different earrings from your jewellery box and create a sassy look. 


The Bottom Line

So, are you done with modern attire, vibrant make-up, and a classy clutch but still felt something is missing? Well, you forget the jewel of the crown - modern jewellery. There is no second opinion that contemporary jewellery pieces are mandatory to glam up your style and complete your ensemble. It is an ultimate look-completer and a staple for all outfits. 


What keeps you waiting now? Just shop for a bunch of handy and best modern jewellery online and level up your fashion game in just a moment.