Expert Tips To Modernize Your Heritage Jewellery

Heritage Jewellery is made to last a lifetime and many of their pieces survive even longer and are passed down from generation to generation. These ornaments are treasured for memories they hold as well as for their precious gemstones.

While they add magnificent vibes to the overall personality, there’s no reason to preserve them for festive occasions only. Pair the passed-down kadas with your indo-western ensembles and complete the look with Temple Jewellery to make a unique style statement.

So, whether it’s a prospective heirloom a treasured piece passed over generations, ahead we’ve narrowed down the best ways to style your favourites.

How to Wear Heirloom Jewellery In a Contemporary Manner?

Like the Indian Bride, Temple Jewellery is shaking off its solemn. Some of the traditional classics, including baaju band, maang tikka, passa, etc are being designed in playful and lighthearted ways, giving them the opportunity to club them with outfits other than a wedding ensemble.

So, instead of just making an appearance on your D-Day, they may become a part of other functions. Experts also believe that these ornaments are moved into the different ethos, making it common to wear a single statement piece or layer various styles together.

The fierce Temple jewels are an amalgamation of diverse Indian cultures and filtered through powerful modernity so brides can pair them with different attires.
From age-old to Insta-friendly, here’s the rundown of effective tips in which modern brides can modernize these ornaments.

Stack them up

Stacking or layering of different jewel pieces is the rage these days and this trend is here to stay. It’s an effective way to amp up your outfit while showcasing your heritage pieces. You can either style your heirlooms separately or stack them together for maximum effect.

While stacking the traditional pieces, try to keep the metals the same to strike a perfect balance. Also, you can experiment by layering jewel pieces of different shapes and sizes to accentuate the look.

If you are new to this trend, remember not to stack too many statement pieces otherwise, it looks too overwhelming and hence, spoils the whole appearance.

Make a statement

The second best way to revamp your Temple Jewellery is to let your ornaments be the hero. Whether you style the statement necklace or earrings with a white collared shirt and pair of jeans or a black cocktail saree for an evening do, let your jewel piece speak for your personality.

Always remember that the statement jewellery is enough to steal the spotlight, hence try to keep the outfit minimal to maintain a balance.

Play with different styles

Mix and match different pieces together and take your style quotient to a higher notch. Layer your Temple choker with emerald earrings to reflect the match made in heaven. Playing with different styles of antique jewellery lets you showcase all pieces without looking odd out.

Heirloom pieces bespoke elegance and royalty and, hence it should be styled to reflect your sense of style.

Wear them with a casual outfit

Traditional jewels are all about opulence and lavish vibes, making them ideal to style with your daily outfits to glam up your personality. Clubbing the high-top earrings with your formals is the easiest way to incorporate your heritage jewels into your daily life. Sport them through the day and keep them on for a night too.

Break the Stereotypes

Who said that you cannot wear maang tikka as passa or vice versa? Or which fashion magazine mentions that you cannot wear a choker as baju bandh? New-age women do not understand the stereotypes and believe that there is no “rule” to wear jewellery.

So, if you are looking forward to innovating new styles, simply break away from the usual and find new and classic ways to wear your legacy ornaments. Don’t be a follower and invent your own signature style statement to stand apart from the crowd.

A Brief Guide To Give a Modernize Spin to The Heritage Jewellery Without Resetting It Completely

Revamping the heritage ornaments depends on your style and personality. While some brides want to reset the heirloom pieces to add a contemporary edge, others wear them in an unusual manner to mark a unique signature statement. Either way, you should only aim for harmony and balance in your overall look.

For instance, brides can wear their heritage bracelet as an anklet or hair accessory to revamp it in a different way. Or else, if they want to style the long Navratana Raani Haar, then keep earrings simple to achieve a sober yet classy look. The baju bandhs can be worn as snug neckpieces over the shirt with heavy lehengas to add a dash of royalty to your ensemble.

In the nutshell, there are plenty of styling options to lend a modern spin to the Temple Jewellery or other traditional ornaments without resetting them.

How a Bride Can Reinvent Her Bridal Temple Jewellery Pieces?

The vibrancy of the Bridal Temple Jewellery adds a royal touch to your personality and is the most appropriate way to create a fusion fashion statement. Brides can easily reimagine their effervescent and statement-making jewels like Nath, anklets, baju bandh, etc by pairing them with fusion outfits.

Yet another way to reinvent the classic jewellery is to add a fresh perspective and voguish feel to the heavy, heritage ornaments. Redesign the pieces without tampering with their inherent old beauty is one of the best ways to sprinkle a modern flair to heritage Bridal Jewellery.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the guide to adding a contemporary flair to the traditional jewels. We hope our research will help you in styling your favourite heirloom pieces in the best way possible.

Trends come and go but some classics like Temple Jewellery, pearl, and navratana pieces never lose their charm. “All trending” seems to be the mantra of new-age brides who want to add their signature touch to their wedding choices. Moreover, modernizing heritage jewels is a great way to update your bridal trousseau while making the most of what you already have.

So, wait no more. Make notes of these expert tips and revamp the heritage jewellery for your big day.