Keeping it on-trend with American Diamonds the new must-have of traditional jewellery

It’s not often you come upon a piece that isn’t too out common, too basic, or too boring, and when it does happen, it’s hard to resist getting your hands on it. We often see this during the wedding season as well, we tend to naturally go for jewellery which is gold and/or has hues of gold in it, and that’s universal. However, when it comes to fashion and jewellery, experimentation is often the way to go. And just satiating that need for experimentation, American diamond is in season! 

American diamond jewellery is subtler, and not to mention budget-friendly, alternative for gold and diamond jewellery, and could mark the most significant moments of your life. This jewellery is not just appropriate for the occasions in your life, but for making them memorable as well.

So, this wedding season, ditch your old gold and look for a style that is uniquely your own; and we know just where you should start your search.

1. Keep it minimal

 There’s nothing quite like an understated piece (or set) of jewellery that does it all. This rose gold, American diamond set fits perfectly in this category. It has a medium length necklace and a matching pair of earrings, which comes with an extra pair of stoppers, so in case you’re one of the not-so-organised ones, you’re still covered.

This set would fare equally well with dark and light tones alike because of its rose gold plating. But if you feel like this isn’t enough, and it perhaps need another complementing factor, you could always go for a bracelet in similar hues, such as this one. It complements the set perfectly, as it is also American diamond studded and rose gold plated.

2. What Works the Best (Best Selling)

This perfectly balanced, American diamond studded, and rose gold plated necklace set is a stunner for sure! As it is light hued, it gives the necklace a contemporary touch as well. The small dangler motif ties together the matching earrings rather well and gives you a polished look. Since the necklace is completely studded, you could also choose to pair it with outfits that aren’t as blingy; it would not only add the bling that Indian weddings needs, but would also suggest the big fat Indian wedding vibe.

 If you like to keep it bold, these statement pieces are going to be your best friends. Adding statement pieces of jewellery is an excellent way of making your outfit seem complete.

These two pieces are rose gold plated and consist of American diamond work, but what makes them unique is their pink CZ stones, making it the perfect addition to your Indo-ethnic and traditional attires alike. Statement pieces, such as these, work well with outfits that are simple in nature, more prints and fabric focused, as opposed to studded wedding attire.

The geometric pattern of the earrings makes the design even more elaborate and perfectly balances the pattern of the dual-finger ring.

4.   Keepin' it Classic

There are some pieces that are and stay elegant, no matter what decade we might be in. This is, perhaps, the reason why we feel going back to jewellery pieces like this over and over again as an ode to the classic era.

This intricately designed and executed jewellery set would go well with your lehangas and sarees just as well. The use of pink CZ stones in the earrings and necklace adds a modern touch to this otherwise classic piece. You could easily pair this set with plush outfits, as it would balance them, and just as easily, you could pair it with a simple outfit, as it would add the shiny element that any attire needs.

To add another layer, you could always pair this set with a simple and elegant bangle such as this to keep your ensemble perfect.

5. If Traditional is not your Style!

If you don’t wish to overwhelm your look and still look different, just add this pair of dainty, ethereal American diamond earrings to make your look complete. Especially if you’re wearing a closed or high neck dress, adding bold statement pieces tend to make it look cluttered. Adding this pair of geometric earrings would keep the attraction to your outfit, and this pair would look incredibly elaborate if you wish to wear your hair up.

However, if that pair of earrings doesn’t seem enough, you could always go for this American diamond and Kundan maang tikka. This simple item would definitely complement simple outfits with heavy embroideries.

 In the end, it is the moments that matter the most, and each effort is just about perfecting those memorable occasions. And now that you have a new BFF that is a perfect mix of modern and traditional, get shopping and get flaunting!


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