How to Survive Social Distancing in Style

Everyone has been practising a bit of 'social distancing' because of Covid-19 and has been spending way more time skulking at home than usual. But even during the lockdown, dressing up is a part of our routine which we can’t really let go of as it provides us with a sense of purpose and most importantly, makes us feel good. 

With an aim to further enhance the feelgood factor, we ensured that we made jewellery a part of our lockdown wardrobe. We've tacked together a few ideas to get you through social distancing in style. Let's get started...

1. Sort Out Your Wardrobe:

Sorting out your wardrobe is a taxing thing to do as it is hard to find time to do it properly. This quarantine is a great opportunity to spend some time getting your wardrobe optimized and re-organised so that you can step out in style when all this gets over.

  • Go through all of your clothing, jewellery and other accessories.
  • Check what's still wearable - especially clothing or jewellery that you have forgotten about.
  • Work out what you already have got, what you require and what you don't require anymore.
  • Reorganize your shelves, drawers and hanging spaces so that you can better see what you have and can make the most of it after the lockdown.
  • Anything you would like to get rid of can be set aside until you're able to put it to some appropriate places.
  • Make lists of items you'd like to add to your wardrobe and have a think about where you might find them.

2. Clean Your Jewellery:

We're a total nag when it comes to reminding people to clean their jewellery, but you would be astonished by the difference it makes. And currently cleaning is the new hotness, so if you have idle time on your hands you should totally get on with it.

  • Go through your jewellery collection and set aside anything that would require even a bit of general cleaning and/or tarnish removal.
  • Have a good read of our Jewellery Cleaning Hacks and work out the best methods to clean the different products you've got.  
  • Get in any items which you might need to get the job done.

3. Create A New Outfit Each Day:

Once you have sorted out your wardrobe and set it in a good shape why not get creative and style a new outfit each day using what you've already had in your wardrobe.

    • Choose an item of clothing or a jewellery to get started with.
    • Try experimenting by adding and subtracting other clothing items and jewellery till you've gotten a brand-new chic look that you're pleased with.
    • Share it on your social media handles - or simply jot it down somewhere so you can remember to wear it sometime later.
    • If you'd like some inspiration for styling your jewellery in particular, check out our Top Jewellery Style Tips.

4. Dress for Dinner:

So, you're either just not going out a lot or simply stuck inside and your life has gotten kind of dull. Why not try spending time every day dressing up for dinner (and/or breakfast, and/or supper, and/or lunch)? Having a sorted and restructured wardrobe might also help with this one.

  • Pick something extravagant to wear, do your make up, do your hair, slip on a favourite pair of shoes, etc.
  • Talk and motivate the people you live with to do the same and you can arrange a family dinner at home with your loved ones, and enjoy it just like you used to before social distancing! 

5. Celebrate at Home:

Birthday parties and anniversaries are a special occasion. While you may not be able to throw the bash you had planned, there's no reason to skip the festivities altogether. If you or someone you love has a special day coming up, plan a virtual party idea you can do at home.

  • Set up a meeting on Zoom and invite all your friends/family members for a virtual happy hour. 
  • Choose something fancy to wear, do your hair & make up, and style it with our Minimal Jewellery which matches your outfit and helps you feel put together. 
  • Want to make things really special? Tell the guest of honour to sign on at little later than everyone else and sing "Happy Birthday" when they log on.