How to Style Modern Mangalsutra Design For Modern-Age Brides?

Once used to be traditional jewellery, a Mangalsutra has now become a style statement for contemporary brides. Infused with cultural and emotional significance, this beautiful ornament is an integral part of a married women’s trousseau. While some of them wear this jewel piece on a regular basis, others prefer wearing it occasionally. 

However, it’s no surprise that styling mangalsutra design gold is not as simple as it may seem. Although this ornament looks elegant, it doesn’t go well with the modern wardrobe. Owing to the lack of versatility, several women find it challenging to embrace this beautiful jewel piece and avoid wearing the same. 

Are you one of those women who wish to complement their personality with a mangalsutra but have no idea how to style it appropriately? Continue reading the page and find a rundown of 6 practical tips to carry this beautiful wedding ornament like a fashionista. 

1- Wear Mangalsutra Underneath Other Neckpiece

modern mangalsutra design gold

A mangalsutra can be a versatile accessory that can be used to keep your look casual or get fancy. While wearing mangalsutra as a sole accessory is a sure-shot way to carry this ornament, layer the piece with other necklaces creates a modern-chic look. 

The pro tip for styling modern mangalsutra design is to pair it up with another neckpiece while keeping the chain underneath to create the maximum impact. Ensure to adjust the length to make both mangalsutra and the other necklace visible properly. The mangalsutra chain must be longer than the neckpiece to grab attention. 

For those looking to inch their look closer to maximalist territory, try pairing the natural diamond mangalsutra pendant with a classic pearl necklace for some after-hours glam.  


2- Team up your mangalsutra with statement earrings

The second best way to style your mangalsutra design gold is to team this traditional jewel piece with the statement earrings and take your style quotient a notch higher. This style is already embraced by the Bollywood glam diva Deepika Padukone on her first post-wedding look. 

This look is ideally preferred for those who want to create a statement look while keeping things sober and subtle. However, there’s a catch to mastering this styling tip. Always pair the earrings that complement the mangalsutra. 

For example, you can go for Kundan Earrings for gold-based mangalsutra designs while you should opt for AD earrings if you are teaming them with diamond solitaire mangalsutra. 

modern mangalsutra design

Additionally keep one thing in mind that since you are wearing the shoulder, grazing, statement earrings, opt for a simple, one-two punch of a minimalist mangalsutra to create a lasting impact. 

3- Drape your mangalsutra around the wrist 

This symbol of love and commitment has received many styling updates over the years. Once used to be a neck accessory, it has now paved its way to the arms while seeking greater versatility when looped as a bracelet.

If minimalism is your thing, the wrist mangalsutra is all you need to make a style statement. Take a check on multiple options available in the market and pick the one that can serve as the focal point of your look for the festival. 

In addition to the bracelet, this traditional jewel piece can be worn as a ring, which can be further styled with both Indian and western wear. No matter whether you are carrying a mangalsutra around the neck, or as a bracelet or ring, it holds the same amount of auspiciousness with added versatility. 

modern mangalsutra design

4- Wear your mangalsutra as a choker

Break the stereotype and style modern mangalsutra design as a choker to refresh your look. New-age brides can give this traditional jewellery staple an on-trend update by playing with its length and texture.  

For those who love to make a show-stopper look, add an intricately-designed mangalsutra choker to your jewel box and layer it up with real diamond necklaces of varying lengths. 

Make sure to add minimal AD or diamond earrings to create a sober and balanced look. 

5- Style your Mangalsutra with Innovative Necklines

Yet another best way to style mangalsutra designs is to pair this wedding ornament with an innovative neckline to draw attention. In such cases, this sole jewel piece is enough to complement the not-so-basic blouse. 

You can style it as a choker with deep V necklines and a collar necklace for off-shoulder blouse pieces. Make sure to choose the appropriate length to ensure all eyes are on you. 

6- Use your mangalsutra as statement Jewellery

Are you looking for more mangalsutra styling tips? Unfold your bold side and carry this traditional piece as statement jewellery. Mangalsutra is a timeless jewel signifying the holy bond in Indian weddings. 

However, this necklace is reinvented down the years to fit the fashion trends. If you own this traditional piece of jewellery and wish to flaunt the ornament while keeping your style quotient high, carry a long, heavy mangalsutra as a statement piece.

Keep the rest of the palette neutral with whites and gold to let the neckpiece shine. Styling this on a single tone of outfit would rather add further character to your subtle jewellery. 

 If you don’t like a monotone look, add a dash of color with your shoes or even with lipstick to complete the look. The color pop adds a unique charm to your ensemble while making your look absolutely head-turning. 

For a more contemporary touch, add it as a dainty piece to enhance your outfit. Don’t forget to keep other accessories neutral to achieve a classic style. 

Final Word on 'How to style Modern Mangalsutra for brides'

Fashion is like eating, you cannot stick to the same menu. Always look for the different ways to style your modern and traditional ornaments to steal the spotlight. Keep in mind that accessories are the cherry on top when it comes to styling. So, get inspired and bring the fashionista inside you. 

That’s all about the guide on how to style modern mangalsutra design like a true diva. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and found it informative. So, what keeps you waiting for now? Bookmark the page right away and get ready to turn heads since the moment you step outside.