How to make your Oxidised Jewellery Last Longer?

Want to jazz up your look? Add oxidised jewellery to your collection and complement any simple outfit in no time. It is versatile, unique and can be paired up with any attire, be it ethnic or western. 

Chic and trendy, these beautiful oxidised ornaments not just elevate your style but also stay with you for years to come, if stored appropriately. 

Fading of the finish and sheen is a very common problem when it comes to fashion accessories and artificial jewellery is no exception. This type of Jewellery is fragile and requires utmost care and attention for lasting longer. 

Is your Traditional Jewellery armoire packed with such delicate pieces and you are looking forward to adding years to their life? But still, unsure about where to start from? Don't worry about it and follow the expert advice to preserve your favorite accessories for long. 

Best Practices to make your Oxidised Jewellery last longer are-

1- Clean Your Oxidised Jewellery Before Storing

Cleaning your Jewellery pieces before storing them is one of the prominent things you can do to multiply the life of your accessory. Sweating mainly changes the color of the Jewellery and makes them look dull and lifeless. 

Therefore, it is recommended to wipe off all the sweat from your jewellery collection and store them at concealed places. Always keep them in their respective pouches in a separate slot of your jewellery armoire to safeguard them from unnecessary scratches.


2- Preserve Your Jewellery In the pouches

If you genuinely have a desire to make your oxidized accessories your long-time fashion companions, then always stow them in the zip-lock pouches or carry bag to retain their classic finish. 

Costume jewellery is more susceptible to oxidation when exposed to too much oxygen, therefore, keep them air-tight pouches (usually available with these oxidized ornates) to protect them from being tarnished. 

However, if the pouch gets tear-off or you’ve lost it somewhere, then worry not and opt for the cloth-lined jewellery box to store the Jewellery pieces. You can also wrap your precious accessories in the soft cloth to maintain their shine and polish. One can also make use of anti-tarnish paper in order to save your jewellery from oxidation.


3- Placement Matters The Most

The placement of these delicate ornaments holds great significance and must be done appropriately. Never keep your jewelry loose in a drawer as it is fragile and is thus prone to breakage. A Jewellery armoire is a perfect way to treasure your favorite oxidised jewellery

Hanging statement necklaces and long dangling earrings must be kept in the rightmost way to protect them from tangling. 

Necklaces composed of individual beads or stones strung together should be laid flat to prevent the thread from stretching. Bear in mind the value of the accurate placement and arrange your fashion Jewellery accordingly.


4- Avoid Wearing Oxidised Jewellery In Course of Excessive Sweating

Fashion jewellery pieces are highly intricate and, therefore, one must not wear them while doing intense activities like cooking, gymming, swimming, or while performing any household chores

These ornaments are sophisticated and, therefore, keep them far away from extensive exposure to heat, water, or sunlight to avoid fading and discoloration. 


5- Separation is necessary

Let’s be honest, you can’t store your pearls the same way you keep your gold. Generally, when you purchase the Jewellery, you will get special pouches or cases to keep them. 

Each of them is designed with the right finish to protect that specific piece of jewellery. Some have ultra-soft fabric while others come with anti-tarnish properties. These pouches are given, by keeping the particular piece of Oxidised Jewellery in mind and thus, serve as the most effective way to protect your favorite accessories. 

Look, every ornament is unique and acquainted with different properties, therefore, they must be stowed separately. DO NOT keep different types of jewellery in one box. Bring secured Jewellery boxes or multiple cases to prevent your baubles from moving around and from getting scratched or broken.


6- Put on Your jewellery Last When Dressing

Oxidised jewellery collection adds a dash of royalty to even the simplest of outfits and glams up your look effortlessly. If you wish to keep your ornaments to last longer, then always put on them once you are done with dressing up. Keep them away from lotions, fragrances, and make-up to ensure the lifetime of your most-loved fashion jewellery pieces.


7- Avoid Coating Your Accessories

Coating your fashion jewellery might drizzle a pinch of style for a while but it surely leaves an adverse impact on your favorite accessories in the long run. No matter whether you are using the high-quality products to change their color or to make them shinier, they will get damaged and lose their sheen for a lifetime. 

Instead of coating your ornaments, you are suggested to add a new collection to your wardrobe that fits your outfit. 


8- Imitation Jewellery Are Not Meant For Daily Usage

Bitter but true!! Oxidised jewellery is not at all meant for daily usage and wearing them occasionally gives them a longer life. Try to give your favorite accessories a little break from time to time to avoid discolorations and fading. 

Pairing up different jewellery pieces with different attires not just enhances your style but adds longevity to your ornaments. 


9- Never Use Jewellery Cleaners

Most of the jewellery cleaners are meant for gold, silver, or platinum-crafted jewellery and are extremely harsh for fashion accessories. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to make use of such cleaners. Instead, you can go for the natural ones such as baking soda, toothpaste, etc. 

The best way to clean your Oxidised Jewellery is a clean dry rag and a buff. Also, oxidised jewellery generally comes with some sort of black polish to give it that so called “oxidised” look. This polish tends to come off for a couple of times after you start wearing this piece of Modern Jewellery. But there is no need to worry and this is completely normal.

Final word on how to make your Oxidised jewellery last longer-

There, you have it!! After spending a fortune on expensive statement necklaces and luxury accessories, it makes the sense to get the most out of them. Be it Oxidised Jewellery or the one crafted with platinum and diamond, taking care of how you store them actually ensures their longevity. 

Add life to your favorite bangles, chic earrings, or fashion necklaces with these tips and tricks and retain their elegant shine and bold appearance. 

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