How to clean Kundan Jewellery?

Jewellery is the girls’ best friend and is something that complements her ensemble. While a variety of ornaments are available on the market, Kundan has created a rage these days and the trend is here to stay for long. This royal jewellery has now become the foremost choice of brides who are embracing Kundan stones for adding a regal touch to their personality. 

The word “Kundan” means highly refined gold and hence, Kundan Jewellery is composed of different types of stones inlaid in gold. These ornaments reflect a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles. 

how to clean kundan Jewellery

Since Kundan is very delicate and is made from an elaborate process, it is much more than any other type of jewellery. It should be kept in good condition to maintain its intricate details and beautiful designs for many years to come. To put things simply, we have compiled some of the sure-shot ways to keep your Kundan ornaments in place for a longer time. Without further ado, let’s get started!!

1- Use Aluminium Foil to Clean

The easiest way to clean your favorite Kundan Jewellery is to make use of aluminum foil. Although it sounds weird, this method can pull out all the dirt from the ornaments while adding years to their life. 

To initiate the process, place some aluminum foil in a bowl and put some warm water mixed with baking soda, salt, and detergent in it. Now, keep your Kundan necklace and earrings in the mixture for 15 minutes and take them out of the bowl. Clean it with a damp cloth and see the difference. 

2- Butter Paper can Help

The basic thumb rule to maintain the intricacy of your Kundan ornaments is to keep them away from water and moisture at any cost. A few drops of water are enough to corrode the jewellery surface and to leave stains on the pieces. Therefore, regular cleaning of the ornaments is a must. 

However, no matter how many precautionary measures you’ll take, moisture can’t be done away with even if you have kept jewellery in the box. But don’t lose hope as there is a loophole to everything. 

Wrap the Kundan ornaments in butter paper or cotton and keep them in the air-tight container to avoid moisture and water. Butter paper locks the moisture out while keeping the ornaments dry. 

3- Erase stains with rubber

Worried about the stains present on your favorite Kundan Earrings and wondering about how to remove them fully? Well, in that case, a rubber might help you out. Use it to erase any stains from the ornaments and wipe the jewels with a soft suede cloth to retain the shine. 

4- Talcum powder can help

how to clean kundan Jewellery

Regular cleaning of Kundan ornaments is essential to keep the moisture away from them. However, despite all efforts, jewels might get corroded which, in turn, leave stains on them. So, if they are soiled from use, apply some talcum powder using a delicate brush lightly on the pieces and wipe them again to maintain the shine. Once you are done with this, just air out the pieces and you will notice that shine is restored in the jewel pieces. 

5- Use mild chemicals

Although eraser and talcum powder can remove stains from the jewel pieces, there are certain places where you have to use the chemicals. In such a case, you need to use mild chemicals that remove the blemish while maintaining the original shine. 

Use a mild soap and warm water to clean Kundan and other gemstones. 

If you are looking for something more effective, mix together one drop each of baby shampoo and water and use a soft toothbrush or Q-tip to clean. You can also use a soft microfiber cloth or muslin to clean the ornament. 

6- Desiccants are important

how to clean kundan Jewellery

You need to devote extra attention and care to Kundan Jewellery pieces while traveling. Keep a pouch of desiccants in your jewel box to keep the ornaments safe and secure for a longer time. 

The most common and the safest desiccant is silica. It can be easily found anywhere and keep the shine of your jewel pieces intact. Moreover, a silica pouch kept inside the jewellery box prevents ornaments from tarnishing and cracking. 

So, take it along without having a second thought and use it if you need to clean and dry your jewellery at short notice. 

7- Never use hot water

Jewellery pieces are extremely delicate in nature; hence, you should take extra care to cherish their shine and intricacy for a long. While cleaning them, one should always use lukewarm water that removes the stain without cracking the ornaments. 

Never go for hot or boiling water during the jewellery cleaning process as this might damage the pieces especially those which are embellished with semi-precious stones like Kundan, polki, pearls, etc. 

8- Dry jewel pieces before wearing them

how to clean kundan Jewellery

Make sure to dry the ornaments in an appropriate manner before wearing them as wet pieces may accumulate water in them which can spoil them fully. Even if they catch sweat while worn, you should wipe them with a dry cloth before storing them back. 

Also, never wear Kundan or other jewels while putting on makeup or styling your tresses. Put them on as the final step to protect them from various chemicals present in makeup and sprays. Minute precautions like not spraying them with perfume can help you to keep your jewels long-lasting. 

How to clean Kundan Jewellery- In Short

The more intricate is the design, the more it is prone to catch dust. Gemstones  always require special care and attention and Kundan Jewellery is no different. Appropriate cleaning ensures their long life while keeping the stones sparkle. Kundan has paved its way to mainstream fashion and become a choice of royals. Kundan-studded choker and earrings are the hottest belongings of the year. They look sophisticated and trendy while making a unique style statement.  

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide and found it informative. Bookmark the page right away and follow the steps listed above to take care of your precious jewellery.