Have you got your dose of Kundan yet? 

Dive into timeless classic era with versatile Kundan jewels.


When it comes to jewellery for weddings, we know today’s women are spoilt for choice. There are thousands, nay, lakhs of designs available, and each as unique as the other. Kundan, on the other hand, is perhaps one of the most ethereal options that a woman has. Kundan work evokes a more Mughal, royal vibe due to its rich appearance. Over decades of time and countless of trend cycles, Kundan is one jewellery option that has enjoyed a sweet spot in every woman’s collection, and for good reason.   

Perhaps, its uniqueness lies in the way Kundan has been set, that creates a look that would never go out of style. With that being said, each Kundan piece adds a different layer to your look, be it a statement necklace or a plain nosepin. 

So if you’ve been shying away from Kundan so far because you are not sure how to introduce it in your jewel collection, here are few modern ways to go kundan on your next events. 


Choker Necklace

If your outfit is not too ornate, a choker piece would add much-needed oomph to it. Usually, choker necklaces work best with open necklines, say, deep round, V-neck, and leaf necklines as it shows just enough skin to let choker necklaces work their magic. For your occasion look, you can also pair a choker with a long form necklace to add a layer for that regal look.  

If you’re not a fan of big, chunky jewellery, a simple Kundan choker set like

would work just as well. This is the versatility of a Kundan piece; because of its neutral hues, it pairs well with almost every indian attire. 

This would be the best piece for you if you are someone who doesn’t shy away from experimentation. The bold green drops and intricate work of Kundan is a beautiful combination that results in a can’t-miss-it look that is equal parts elaborate and equal parts elegant.

Kundan Nose Pin

 Here’s a classic that has been topping the trend charts, no matter what the season. And just so it happens, it happens to be an intricate part of any traditional wedding attire. This gold plated, kundan studded, clip-on nose ring doesn’t need much to be the highlight of your look. It has a beaded chain and an elaborate floral motif in the middle, making it a show stopper. This hoop shaped nose ring has always been a favorite among the wedding jewellery, and would pair well with most wedding ensembles, be it a lehenga or a sharara.

This kundan nose pin, on the other hand, isn’t as elaborate. So, if you’re planning on wearing statement necklace, earrings, or both, this would be the piece of jewellery to complete your look. It also has a beaded chain extension, which can be removed, depending on how traditional you wish to keep your ensemble.

Nose pins, no doubt, is a brilliant way of elevating your wedding look.


Here’s another classic that has been making a comeback; passa comes straight from Mughal history, and are made to give a vintage look to your outfits. This kundan studded passa is elaborate; and when we say elaborate, we mean it. This piece is incredibly versatile; since the kundan work is light in color and shade, it would complement any wedding attire, be it the traditional red or the quirky green. You could also add flowers in your hair, say gajra or floral bun, which would add the perfect touch to the overall look.


Typically, we put a lot of time in putting our whole look together, including the choice of jewellery, but we often focus on bigger pieces that would get the most attention, say earrings or necklaces over others. Hand/Wrist jewellery is a beautiful way of changing things up a little, while still being on-point for your look. 

You could also pair your outfit with this gold plated, kundan studded adjustable cuff is vibrant, modern and beautiful all in one.

It natural undertones would balance your outfit perfectly, this cuff could also be easily paired with indo-western outfits. 

Kundan is among the favorites when it comes to occasion jewellery; its royal and queen-like attributes make it a perfect combination with all traditional Indian and indo-western attires. It brings back the tradition to the contemporary, and adds just the perfect amount of modern touch to it to make it flawless. And now that you feel inspired, what are you waiting for, start exploring!


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