Everlasting Gifts Of Love - Gift A Priyaasi

Gifting can be fun or an ordeal; it all depends on how (or rather where) you look at it.

"What will she like?" is the first question we ask ourselves when we embark upon a gift hunt. Even if we know the recipient well, we can't always be certain that the gift we select for her will be cherished. Or can we? 

Introducing Priyaasi’s Everlasting Gifts; eternal gifts for the leading ladies in your life! They aren't simply a gift you buy; they are symbols of your everlasting love and adoration. 

'What makes them so special?', you ask?

Each piece of Priyaasi jewellery is designed keeping the confident, graceful and independent ‘Indian Woman’ in mind. An intimate understanding of her beauty, her dreams and her wishes, allows us to intricately craft pieces that highlight her innate personality.

Our collection represents every personality type through our traditional jewellery and our modern jewellery designs. With us, you will find the most eclectic jewellery collection, be it a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend or a gift of appreciation for your mother or sister- we have it all!

So, if you're in the market to find the most stunning gift for your girlfriend or the lovely ladies in your life, allow us to recommend a few of our best selling pieces:

Beaded Evil Eye Charm Sterling Silver Bracelet

This evergreen design is crafted with sterling silver rings, paired with black beads, and an evil eye totem in the centre to ward off any untoward glances! The simplicity and beauty of this bracelet makes it an everyday style staple. What's more…the bracelet’s elasticity allows it to be worn comfortably on various wrist sizes as well, making it a perfect gift item free from any sizing complications.

The Cherry on top: Gifting this modern jewellery designed bracelet also symbolizes your feelings of protection and care for the lucky recipient.

Sterling Silver Rudraksha Bracelet

The legendary mystic symbol of protection and strength, The Rudraksha, comes encased in sterling silver in this eye-catching bracelet. The traditional jewellery aesthetic of this bracelet allows it to be paired beautifully with ethnic as well as indo-western clothing. Age-old sensibilities meet modern aesthetics to create a piece that suits the stylish personalities of the women of today while also appealing to their belief system.

Icing on the cake: Present a loved one with this beauty and show them how highly you value them and how eagerly you wish to see them succeed.

Sterling Silver American Diamond Enchanting Flower Gold Plated Studs

Pretty, elegant and classy- this pair of earrings are sure to be loved by the lucky lady who receives them! Baguette-cut American diamonds encased in sterling silver form a beautiful flower in this modern jewellery designed pair of earrings. These versatile floral studs can be perfectly paired with both ethnic and modern attires.


The Best part: Presenting someone with this pretty pair, is a testament to the fact that you recognize their style preferences and truly appreciate them for it.

Trishul Motif Silver Nose Pin

Who says tradition can’t be trendy?

This stunning nose pin crafted in sterling silver in the shape of Lord Shiva's trident, is the perfect amalgamation of traditional design aesthetics and modern jewellery sensibilities. The trident symbol invokes virtues like strength, wisdom, and dominance.  Its fine craftsmanship ensures that the pin fits the nose comfortably as your comfort is of paramount importance to us.

Why it's perfect: The beauty of presenting this nose pin is that it amply and aptly represents your respect and admiration for the recipient. She could be your mother, mentor, sister, or your guru; when you gift her this nose pin, your reverence for her will be noted!

Classic Leaf Patterned Sterling Silver Bracelet
Owing to its simple yet impactful design, this sterling silver bracelet is a piece of modern jewellery that you can wear everyday. An adjustable end allows it to be comfortably worn on any wrist size. Two charms at the ends of the bracelet add a cute feminine touch to it.

The Highlight: When you give this bracelet to someone, they will know that you care deeply for them and want them to shine like a star every single day! 

The famous poet John Keats once quoted, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
With Priyaasi you don’t just gift pretty jewellery to your loved ones; you gift them a lifetime of happiness and a gentle reminder of your affections for them. Our collection is curated and handpicked to aptly represent all your emotions and feelings; through fine craftsmanship, high quality workmanship and unparalleled design!


So look no further…and express your love, with a Priyaasi!