The Engagement Ring Trends To Follow In 2022

Getting engaged is one of the most special moments in life and the perfect engagement ring is definitely the cherry on top. Defined by simplicity and sophistication, this integral piece of Wedding Jewellery is an all-time classic for a reason.

However, the days are long gone when the engagement ring used to be a traditional piece chosen by the groom’s family; as today, it’s all about the individual and the engagement ring reflects their style, taste, and values.

Are you planning to engage with the love of your life but have no idea what engagement ring to buy? Scroll down the page and keep reading the guide to new-age wedding ring trends. From dazzling rainbow stones to responsibly-sourced gems, and grand gestures, here are mentioned all the engagement ring trends to keep tabs on next year.

The Bigger, The Better

The trend of the larger, more sculptural rings is on the rise these days. Whopper, statement-making stones are expected to take over in 2022. Their unconventional settings, unique structure, and chunkier bands reflect bold statements while stealing the limelight on the go.

These rings can be simple and practical or striking and unique, depending on the wearer’s personality. Such rings are an add-on to your overall ensemble, making it look better and eye-catching.

However, the size of this Bridal Jewellery piece varies from one design to another. While gemstone-studded rings look stunning in the bigger size, grand gestures needn’t be big in the literal sense. Simple, understated designs look wonderfully elegant. Be it small or big, the ring should leave room for the important details for finer designs.

Investment Pieces

It’s no wonder that engagement rings are an important investment — in every sense. It is one of the few ornaments that a girl wears throughout her life; hence, the engagement ring should be an investment piece that withstands the passage of time and style. It should reflect her personality and offers true glimpses of her style.

Those days have gone out of the window when people used to treat engagement rings like a normal jewel piece and didn’t invest in them much as now is the time budgets have definitely increased and people has started prioritizing this ornament.

Couples now want to focus on the meaningful rings that showcase the romantic gesture of proposals.

Offbeat Choices

Thinking out of the box and going against the grain has become the new normal; hence, this trend is predicted to gain more popularity in 2022. New-age brides are looking forward to embracing the whole-new style in their weddings to stand out from the crowd. They are becoming more adventurous with their choices.

The unusual coloured stones like pale sapphires in olive, pink, and yellow or mesmerizing dark blue shades are the rage these days. However, white and yellow gold are still dominant metals while the interest in rose gold is ever-growing.

Additionally, couples are now gravitating towards more unusual and detailed designs than traditional solitaire styles. People start preferring those pieces that were not designed with the intent of becoming an engagement ring, owing to the presence of big, coloured stones which are a good alternative to diamonds.

No “Less is More” Concept

Gone are the days when contemporary brides used to follow the “less is more” approach when choosing Wedding Jewellery; as 2022 will be the year of “More is More.” whatever your preference, rings with multiple sparkling stones are becoming increasingly popular.

The trio setting has now evolved as a timeless engagement ring style. These are entrenched in symbolism while representing the past, present, and future. Modern takes on the classic three-stone engagement ring are an award-winning option for those who can’t decide between gemstones or looking for maximum impact.

Be it a classic sapphire flanked by diamonds or an offbeat rainbow stone arrangement, an engagement band with three gemstones bespoke elegance and can never look too crowded.

Toi et Moi Rings — The Shape To Keep an Eye On

The craze of Toi et Moi rings is not hidden from anyone as a majority of brides are embracing this trend. These rings feature a coiled band with two gemstones nestled side by side where they meet around the finger. Once used to be hype or a fashion statement, Toi et Moi rings have now become a romantic style for couples.

The concept of two stones in one ring is full of romance and symbolizes two people coming together as one — and perhaps no other ring style is able to represent that union better than the Toi et Moi.

The French translation “Toi et Moi” is You and I. Since the ring style features two main stones, they represent each person in the relationship. Putting them onto a single setting is a metaphor for building a life as partners. Owing to the meaningful concept and luxe design, this ring has become a popular choice for all contemporary brides out there.

Emeralds are back

Here’s good news for all emerald lovers? This trend is back with a bang and is here to stay for long. Emerald Wedding Jewellery is a popular alternative to diamond-studded pieces which means that you can add the same class and royalty to your appearance without an expensive price tag.

Emeralds sprinkle a pop of colour to the ensemble while adding a timeless and classic appeal to the bride’s personality. These are available in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, and geometric that look visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

Over to you!

That’s all about the latest engagement ring trends you’ll definitely look out for in 2022. The engagement ring holds special significance in the bridal trousseau and hence, should be chosen very carefully. This Wedding Jewellery piece should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. Whether you prefer a traditional ring or looking for a standout sparkler, there’s no shortage of fabulous engagement ring trends to opt for.

So, what keeps you waiting for now? Bookmark the page right away and shop for the one-of-a-kind engagement ring that you can cherish for a lifetime. Keep a check on the latest trends and be a little daring to go creative and out-of-the-ordinary.