Things To Consider Before Buying Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is the most sacred and pious adornment. This wedding necklace is a symbol of marriage that every Indian woman love to wear. The Modern Mangalsutra design comes in black beads and a gold/ diamond/ American Diamond pendant.

Since this piece of jewellery is meant to be worn for life, it is essential to consider the major factors to make the right purchase. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Length Matters

The length of Mangalsutra is the first and the foremost factor to be noted down while investing in this ornament. These wedding necklaces ideally come in different lengths, including 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 32 inches. Make sure you’ll get the appropriate length and too short or too long might not serve the purpose.

Most of the times women tend to select Mangalsutra anywhere between 16 and 22 inches in length. This neither snugs the neck of the bride nor reflects the Raani Haar vibes.

Comfort is the key

Since brides have to wear this wedding necklace for life, it’s vital to keep comfort and convenience in mind while purchasing it. You should avoid something too heavy or something too long as it will create hassle while performing every chore.

The Modern Mangalsutra Design comes in various forms, like small pendants, bracelets, or rings style so brides can wear this ornament round the clock without feeling any hustle.

Most brides choose what looks appealing to their eyes but since they are going to pair this ornament all the time, it should be comfortable rather than just beautiful. The best choice would be a lightweight Mangalsutra of medium length. These can be easily styled casually without compromising comfort.

The Bride’s Frame and Height

In Indian tradition, Mangalsutra is purchased by the groom’s family and they usually don’t consult the bride while making a purchase, which may not be a good idea. Before jumping into the designs and styles, it is essential to consider the bride’s frame and height in concern.

A Mangalsutra should not just complement the brides’ style but also accentuates her features. If a bride is shorter in height, then a wedding necklace of longer length might overpower her frame and personality.

In such cases, it is suggested to stick with the dainty pieces and delicate patterns that will amp up the bride’s overall appearance and style. However, if the bride has a taller frame or a rounder body, then you should opt for long chains with chunkier pendants or mid-length options with a sleek pendant to glam up her personality.

Don’t forget the Bride’s Style

When it comes to the best Modern Mangalsutra Design, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every bride has a different style and persona; hence, it is mandatory to consider how she usually dresses up on daily basis before buying a wedding necklace.

If a bride is working, then you should choose a mid-length Mangalsutra with a small pendant that complements her formal wear without giving her an OTT look. However, if she is going to become a housewife and love elaborate styles, then choose a long Mangalsutra with a big chunkier pendant so that she can flaunt her jewel in the best possible way. Going for thinner, shorter chains that sit close to the collar bone or a little below might be an ideal choice for a stylish, new-age bride who appreciates minimalism in everything.

Most women adorn Mangalsutra 24/ 7, hence it is nice if the ornament matches their everyday style.

Choose the right metal

Usually, gold is used to design this sacred ornament. However, modern brides are daring enough to make experiments with their wedding necklaces by opting for rose gold and platinum finish for their ornament.

You can also opt for the dual-tone of yellow or white gold as it looks great and styles well with all attires. Choose the metal that suits your skin type and goes well with your taste and preference.

Focus on the design

Long gone are the days when brides had a choice of few designs and styles as now there are plenty of options available to select from. The Modern Mangalsutra Design includes sleek pendants, layered designs, bracelets, geometric designs, double-hook, and more.

However, whatever design you will pick, make sure it is convenient and doesn’t create mess while performing day-to-day activities. Also, Mangalsutra is a one-time investment so, try to opt for the classics rather than fleeting fads to withstand the passage of time.

Run a Quality Check

So, you have chosen the best Mangalsutra that fascinates the eyeballs while being convenient. But have you thought about the quality? As already stated that the wedding necklace is a lifetime investment and is meant to wear 24/7; hence, you should run a quality check before adding to your trousseau.

If you are investing in the Gold Mangalsutra, then make sure you look for a hallmark on the piece. However, if you are planning to invest in artificial jewellery, then purchase it from a verified seller like Priyaasi to stay assured of the quality. As it is one of the most pious pieces of ornament and resembles the significance of marriage, extra care should be taken care of to ensure a quality purchase.

The Cost Factor

Last but not least, the thing you should keep in mind before buying the Mangalsutra is the cost factor. There is no denying that the price of this jewel piece increases or decreases with various factors, including length, design, pendant size, metal, quality, and a lot more.

Decide on your budget first and stick to it when making a purchase. At the same time, you should consider that Mangalsutra is something the bride is going to wear all the time, so, it should be sturdy and long-lasting.

Invest in the piece that syncs with your requirements without putting a hole in your pocket.

Time to Decide!

So, that’s all about the important factors that should be noted while buying the modern Mangalsutra design. We hope our research will help you in upgrading your jewel box with the appropriate wedding necklace.

While a Mangalsutra should be visually pleasing and accentuate your overall attire, it should be durable and not go out of trend anytime soon. Keep the factors listed above in mind and make a righteous purchase that is worth your time and money.