What Bridal Jewellery Pieces To Buy For Different Wedding Events

Weddings are the most elaborative ceremony where the bride and groom get the last spotlight right from the pre-wedding celebrations to the post-wedding rituals. Throughout the lined up events such as Ring Ceremony, Mehendi, Sangeet, etc, the only goal of the bride is to look perfectly stunning while flaunting her expensive dresses and exclusive Wedding Jewellery.

However, styling the ornaments and achieving a timeless look in these ceremonies is not as simple as it may seem. It requires a creative mindset and a bit of research, along with a proper style guide. Are your wedding around the corner and you have no idea how to rock your bridal look?

Here’s the comprehensive guide that covers all the insights on essential jewellery pieces that brides should adorn on various occasions to create a perfect style statement on their special moments. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Tips To Achieve A Sensational Sangeet Look

Sangeet is one of the most talked-about pre-wedding events. The ceremony where bride’s and groom’s family members give dance performances while creating a special bond with each other.

Looking forward to achieving the sensational bridal look for this happening event? Keep scrolling the page and find some effective tips and tricks here.

Get the Best Wedding Jewellery Pieces

The easiest way to steal the spotlight is to add the best Bridal Jewellery to your trousseau and style them appropriately to achieve a head-turner look. Some of the jewellery pieces you shouldn’t give a miss are listed here.

Cocktail Ring

Also known as Statement Rings, these reflect your style and personality while adding a fun element to your ensemble. With all eyes on you, it’s the best time to flaunt your unique jewellery.

Stylish Maangtikka

Indian bride without maangtikka doesn’t exist, irrespective of the ceremony. Select a stylish and sparkling tikka and set the stage on fire.

Statement Bracelet

Sangeet ceremony is all about fun, hence, brides should choose the ornaments that switch up their style quotient while being comfortable. Therefore, you should prefer a statement bracelet or kada that is comfortable enough for you to dance with.

Don’t forget to carry a gorgeous clutch

Brides should always carry a gorgeous clutch with them in which they can carry their essentials such as cellphones and basic makeup products. There are plenty of clutch options available on the market, from glitzy to sober. Choose the one that goes with your style and showcase your personality in the best possible way.

Never go for an OTT look

That’s just a sangeet ceremony and the best is yet to come; hence, do not raise the bar for yourself by going over the top. Dress according to the function and keep your best look safe for your wedding day.

How to Get The Timeless North Indian Bride Look?

So, the most awaited day of your life is here when you’ll be dressed in that auspicious lehenga with all your exquisite Wedding Jewellery. Hold your horses as things are not as crystal clear as you are dreaming of.

Brides can either go for a Classic Bridal look where she adorns a traditional attire with royal ornaments from head-to-toe or she can choose a contemporary look in which everything is designed by keeping her taste and personality in mind.

Let’s find out the tips and tricks to achieve these bridal looks in no time.

Classic/ Traditional Bridal Look

If you are more into traditions and rituals and want to style as a classic Indian bride, add Kundan Jewellery to your collection to reflect a touch of royalty. It carries a legacy and is hailed from the Kingdom of Rajasthan.

Here’s the rundown of the must-have bridal ornaments to achieve a Classic Bridal Look.

Raani Haar

This elongated necklace adds a graceful touch to the bridal ensemble while making the bride look like a true maharani. When paired with Gulbadh, it adds a royal finishing to the overall personality.


It is basically the nose ring with an ornate string that runs till the hairline adds a charm to the bride’s face. This Bridal Jewellery accentuates the facial features while bringing an unmissable persona to the overall look.


Anklets are usually gifted to the bride by the groom’s family and play a significant role in Indian wedding traditions.


This ornament is believed to elevate the beauty of Indian women and serves as a primary part of the bridal trousseau.

Contemporary Bridal Look

Are you a new-age bride who loves breaking all the stereotypes? Well, in that case, opt for the contemporary bridal look and reflect your bold personality. A designer pastel lehenga and a statement ornament are all you need to create a perfect modern-bride look.

Tips To Achieve a Perfect Contemporary Bridal Look

Less is more

Modern brides love to follow a less is more approach when it comes to styling Wedding Jewellery. Always go for one majestic necklace or statement earrings instead of stacking or pilling up several pieces.

Bring in Details

Prefer to pick up little jewels that add a highlight to your looks like haathfool, Nath (without extension), etc., instead of going over the top with your Bridal Jewellery.

Uniqueness is all you need

The contemporary bridal look is all about showcasing your style and personality to the world rather than following the trends. Choose the jewellery pieces far away from typical to look like an absolute head-turner.

Metal Shade

Whatever metal you’ll be going to choose, such as Rhodium, Rose Gold, yellow gold, or white gold, ensure the metal shade syncs perfectly with your wedding dress.

Bling it

Being contemporary doesn’t mean sober and subtle. Select ornaments that have some sparkle to them, giving you a radiant look.

Shop the look!!

Indian weddings are notable for their rich customs and diverse traditions. It’s time for the brides to flaunt their exquisite Wedding Jewellery and royal ensembles to steal the limelight. So, if your wedding day is approaching and you want to hit the floor in style, then bookmark the page right away and learn about the rightmost ornaments and their styling guide here. Achieve the breathtaking look to drop the onlooker’s jaw in awe.

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