Add a little sparkle - Bracelets to own this Festive Season

Add a little sparkle - Bracelets to own this Festive Season

Aug 05 , 2020

Poem Kabra

Bracelets for women are the latest trend in the world of Jewelry. Be it the variety of range which is on offer or the aesthetic appeal of the bracelets, there are a lot of amazing reasons which makes the bracelets for women an instant hit in the market during the festive season. 

Bracelets are more of an artful piece of jewelry which can be worn by an individual to make a fashion statement of their own. This festive season – step up your game and keep the emphasis on statement bracelets in sync with today’s fads. Mix wear-ability with surprise for that element of stand-out style this festive season. You can commence with our stylish recommendations of one-of-a-kind limited-edition and bespoke pieces.

1.  Pink and Rose Gold-Plated Handcrafted Bangle-Style Bracelet 

This bangle-style bracelet is the best style accessory for all outfits, be it traditional or western. Often said to work wonders for all types of skin tones it is definitely going to give a quirky edge to your look.

How to wear: Most often seen worn at festive celebrations, it can be teamed with traditional Indian outfits in rich colours like red, green and purple. Don’t bother too much about the colours though – it goes with everything!

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2.  Party Wear Rose-Gold Plated Pink American Diamond Bracelets

Absolutely perfect for your go-to-pooja outfits, this rose-gold plated bracelet is a great pick. In fact, this bracelet is perfect when you're not in the mood to don too much jewellery. 

How to wear: Wear this with an elegant sari, or with a simple Indian suit for a holy ritual ceremony.

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3.  Off-White & Magenta Gold-Plated Kundan-Studded Handcrafted Wraparound Bracelet

Beautiful floral Kundan studded and handcrafted wraparound bracelet; it has a delicate femininity that is so characteristic of Indian women! The best part about the bracelet is that you don't have to do much with your look, since it easily injects some friskiness in your outfit!

How to wear: Go for a chic look by pairing it with a full-length Indian gown for a cocktail party. 

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4.  Oxidised Silver-Plated Ghungroo Handcrafted Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for traditional Indian occasions, where you need the right jewellery to go with your outfits. Ghungroos lend a soft, ethnic touch that's hard to match with any other piece of jewellery. 

How to wear: Rock the look by pairing this oxidized bracelet with a pair of oxidized earrings for a close friend’s baby shower.

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5.  American Diamond and Ruby Stone Studded Beautiful Design Chain Bracelet

Much like diamonds but comparatively inexpensive; this AD studded bracelet is a sparkling stone creation paired with ruby stones in soft, feminine patterns. It keeps things neutral yet luxurious, with the signature white colour being the standout.

How to wear: Indian family functions like receptions and cocktail parties are flexible when it comes to outfits, so it goes with almost any kind of traditional ensemble.

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6.  Silver-Plated Handcrafted CZ Studded Link Bracelet

Ladies, there really is no limit to what you can do with diamonds. After all, they are a woman's best friend! However, Cubic zirconia is no less. CZ is similar to a diamond with its brilliance and crystal clarity. It looks so much like a diamond, & an affordable alternative to diamonds.With this CZ studded bracelet, you don't need to do much; the accessory will do all the talking. 

How to wear: A dash of sparkle works wonders at after parties. Wear this blingy bracelet with a fitted black lehenga or a long gown.

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