A Complete Guide To Style Modern Wrist Jewellery

Contemporary wrist jewellery is a perfect way to add some bling to your overall personality while making a bold statement about an outfit. It easily spices up any attire and steals the spotlight on the go.

This fashion accessory is a staple for every new-age woman’s wardrobe who wants to pamper her inner fashionmonger. However, styling a bracelet or other wrist ornaments may not be as simple as it seems to be. Unlike neckpieces and earrings, bracelets add your individual style and hence, require a bit of thought while pairing with different outfits.

New to the fashion game and wondering about how to style this Modern Jewellery? Keep on reading to find the styling tips and get some inspiration on wearing the edgy wrist jewellery.

Do pay attention to sleeve length

Before pairing bracelets or other wrist ornaments, you should understand how sleeve length affects your choice of accessories. Wearing a chunky bracelet over a long, fitted sleeve can occasionally work; however, this requires a commitment to the look. In general, it is recommended to stick to wearing sleeves that end above your wrist jewellery, leaving a space for a jewel piece to shine.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match

Bring the best out of your bracelets by mixing and matching them and you can simply do this by adding different styles to your wrists. However, if you have recently stepped into the style game and are unsure about where to begin, just start with the basics. A great beginning point for any bracelet stack is picking a unifying trait. This could be anything, from a particular type of bracelet, a colour scheme, or a common metal. Wear 3 to 4 bracelets that share the same traits.

Add a dash of creativity to your overall appearance by styling different bracelets together. You could vary their width and colour throughout your wrist. Additionally, you can also add different bracelets with unifying characteristics and shuffle them depending on your ensemble. Keep in mind that the perfect stack isn’t bought in one go, it’s collected and gathered with time.

Remember that you are free to mix and match different bracelets but make sure that they complement one another to make things look balanced and sober.

Less is More

Modern Jewellery is all about adding a contemporary edge to your overall personality; hence, it is advised to follow the less is more approach to keep things subtle. While stocking heavy bracelets can be creative and fun, it’s not always needed.

Mix and match jewellery is good but never stack too many bracelets together. Instead, focus on keeping a maximum of three to four bracelets per arm. It accentuates your overall appearance while keeping things comfortable.

Even though it’s fun to wear chunky jewellery, it’s not important to overdo it; otherwise, it can make some outfits look chaotic rather than stunning. And if you are stacking up on both arms, wear fewer bracelets on each arm to balance out the look.

Consider your wrist structure

Since everyone is created differently, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wrist jewellery. Therefore, you should take into account the wrist structure before making a choice. Generally, the rule of thumb is that thick bracelets work better for longer arms while flexible pieces complement the thinner ones.

The small-boned people look best in delicate, thinner style bracelets and those with big bones can carry larger and more structural designs beautifully. But remember, this is a general rule and you can modify the same to suit your style goals.

Choose a bracelet with multiple functions

You’ll be glad to know that bracelets can be much more than simple wrist jewellery. While some of them double as watches, others reflect your mood through different colours. It makes it efficient to wear two accessories at once. That way, neither your arm weighs down nor your outfits appear clunky.

Don’t sacrifice fit for style

While Modern Jewellery is all about style, you need to think about fit and comfort while wearing them. The too large or heavy a bracelet can distract you by sliding around and falling off your arm and too small can pinch your waist. Therefore, it is essential not to sacrifice fit or comfort for style.

If you are opting for a bracelet with a clasp, you want a piece roughly one inch longer than the circumference of your wrist to get a perfect fit. Always consider buying the appropriate size of the bracelet or wrist jewellery to elevate the look without compromising your comfort.

Do select quality pieces

Bracelets or other wrist jewel pieces are always going to be the focal point of your outfit. Owing to the eye-catching position your wrist is surely not the place to display cheap and poorly made ornaments. Therefore, you should always choose premium-quality pieces that last for a lifetime while offering you the utmost comfort.

The best thing about choosing higher-quality pieces is that they can be styled with multiple outfits and can withstand the passage of time, making them worth getting. Hence, invest in the beautiful, statement-making modern jewellery pieces and switch up your glam quotient.

Let your wrist jewellery shine

A bracelet does more than just match your attire and makes you look stylish. It puts your arms into the spotlight while taking your fashion game a notch higher. Hence, while styling this ornament, you should keep other jewellery to a minimum and let this statement-making piece speak for itself.

It’s best not to wear extra jewels while styling bracelets; otherwise, it makes your outfit look cluttered and chaotic. Stack up your favourite bracelets in the best possible and let them shine.

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Wrist jewellery is essential to every ensemble. It can accentuate all the outfits on the go while keeping things balanced and sober. You can mix and match, stack, or go the simple route by wearing just one-piece, depending on your style.

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