6 Questions to Ask While Buying a Modern Mangalsutra Design

A mangalsutra is an unmissable part of the Indian wedding and is probably the most important bauble in every married girl’s jewel box. This prized possession is not just a sacred thread but also a token of love and commitment.

However, the days are long gone when Mangalsutra used to be available in limited patterns and styles. Now is the time when the market is packed with loads of options that entice even the millennial and contemporary brides.

Since this valuable jewel is available in a variety of patterns, choosing the best among the rest might be an intimidating task. The presence of a mind-boggling number of options often confuses the brides and sometimes mislead them to make a wrong choice.

But there’s no need to worry about it as we are here to assist. To cut down your efforts and save time, we have put together the list of the 6 important questions that every bride must ask before investing in the Modern Mangalsutra Design. Let’s get started!

Q.1. What is the ideal size of a Mangalsutra Pendant?

The Mangalstura pendant size is as important as its design and primarily depends on your frequent usage. If you are looking for a Mangalsutra for everyday wear, you must invest in the small pendants that look classic while not interfering in your daily chores.

The smaller Mangalsutra pendant design and sizes are easier to maintain and won’t be tedious. Moreover, these pendants are extremely light in weight so you can easily carry them with all your outfits.

However, if you are searching mangalsutra for special occasions, go for the dainty, and chunky pieces that instantly grab the attention while making a signature style statement.

Q. 2. What are the different types of Mangalsutra chains available on the market?

Those days are a matter of the past when this traditional ornament used to be available in the old black-beaded chain with a gold pendant at the centre. At present, the market is loaded with different types of Mangalsutra chains, making brides spoilt for choices.

While you can either embrace the cultural significance by opting for the chain with black beads, brides can also select the Mangalsutra design gold chain studded with other precious and semi-precious stones, including ruby, amber, emerald, and more. Although mangalsutra is known for the black beads, some brides don’t prefer them as they don’t go well with their outfits. In such cases, simple plain chains or the ones with other precious stones do the job for you.

In addition to the chain designs, one should also decide how thick their mangalsutra strings should be. No matter how many strings you are going to choose, the only thing you should keep in mind is that these should be sturdy and not put much weight on the ornament. Choose the mangalsutra chain that suits your neckline while complementing your personality.

Q.3. Gold or Diamond — Which one is ideal to make an investment?

This is the big question that needs to be answered before adding the Modern Mangalsutra design to your armoire. Both gold and diamond ornaments are a lifelong investment and add elegance to the bride’s personality. Moreover, you can get the same design in gold and diamond, based on your preference.

The only difference between these two lies in how they look. Gold Mangalsutra options are extremely light in weight and are ideally designed for brides who love embracing traditional beliefs and significance.

However, diamond mangalsutra designs are a perfect choice for brides looking to add some bling to their personalities. These look classy and are available in plenty of contemporary patterns.

Q. 4. What’s better — more of a gold or more of a black?

The next important question you should ask before buying a Mangalsutra is what is a better option — more of a gold or more of a black. Let’s be honest — this decision purely depends on your taste and preference.

If you are more into culture and tradition, simply opt for the Mangalsutra chain with lots of black beads and a simple yet classic gold/ diamond pendant. However, if you are looking to add something royal and elegant bauble to your jewel box that reflects the traditional vibes while complementing all your outfits, then select the plain gold chain with a gold/ diamond pendant at the centre.

Additionally, you can opt for a mix of both gold and black as well to strike a perfect balance between modern design and cultural values.

Q. 5. Are custom mangalsutra pendant designs worth investing in?

Personalized jewellery is creating a buzz these days and the trend is here to stay for a long. But here the question arises whether they are worth making a purchase or not. It’s no wonder that the custom mangalsutra pendant design looks absolutely fabulous while holding special significance for both bride and groom.

Moreover, they bring plenty of design opportunities for the brides so they can adorn whatever they feel like. However, creating a personalized mangalsutra is a bit time-consuming task so brides should always spare some time to get their favourite design.

Q. 6. I have a specific budget. Can I get the modern mangalsutra design within that price range?

The cost is a significant factor to consider before adding the modern mangalsutra design to your vanity. Like all other ornaments and accessories, this bauble also comes in a variety of price ranges and the cost mainly varies according to the choice of design, pattern, size, style, and weight.

The more you add to the piece, the higher will be the cost. Hence, should prepare a specific budget and stick to it while making an investment. Never feel uncomfortable while discussing the price point of this traditional jewel piece.

Also, it is recommended to purchase an all-time classic and don’t get enthralled with the fleeting fads. Keep in mind that mangalsutra is something you are going to wear daily, so never compromise the look and feel of this bauble just to save a few bucks.

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So, that’s all about 6 major questions you must ask before investing in the modern mangalsutra design. Since this traditional ornament symbolizes love, commitment, and purity, you need to choose with a lot of care. Bookmark the page right away and keep all the above questions in mind to make a worthy selection.